International Society for Pest Information

Report of the 4th Meeting

University of Göttingen
Göttingen, Germany
25 September 2006

1. Opening and adoption of the agenda
The meeting was opened by Jürg Huber, as chairman. A list of the participants of the meeting is attached as Annex I. The provisional agenda, which corresponded to the numbered sections of this report was adopted.

2. Confirmation of the chairman and appointment of rapporteurs for the meeting
Jürg Huber was confirmed as chairman for the meeting. Bernhard Zelazny and Olaf Zimmermann served as rapporteurs.

3. Report on the activities of the Society since the last meeting
Bernhard Zelazny reported on the activities of the Society between January 2004 and September 2006, see Annex II for a summary. Maintaining and improving the ISPI webpage which provides access to a variety of information was one of the main activities of the Society. This includes a list of relevant on-line journals, a database of scientists (about 7500 registrations had been received until August 2006) and a database with literature on locusts, grasshoppers and thrips. Currently the ISPI webpage has about 5000 visitors per month. The ISPI 'Pest Directory' database has been expanded and updated continuously and new editions were published as CDs in April 2004, 2005 and 2006. The report of activities was accepted by the meeting.

4. Report of the finance committee of the Society covering the years 2004, 2005 and 2006
On behalf of the finance committee Olaf Zimmermann reported on the income and expenditures of the Society during the years 2004, 2005 and 2006. These are summarized in Annex III. In all years the income exceeded the expenditures and at the end of August 2006 the account balance was Euro 4512. The finance report was accepted by the meeting.

5. Election of the executive committee and the finance committee
The following members agreed to be considered as candidates for the executive and finance committees:

President and Vice-President:
Surendra K. Dara
Regina Sugayama
Stefan Vidal

Executive Officer:
Bernhard Zelazny

Finance Committee (3 members to be elected):
Jürg Huber
Olaf Zimmermann
Matthias E. Zweigert

In accordance with the articles of the society, 12 member, who were unable to attend the meeting, had submitted their ballot forms by e-mail beforehand. These are listed in Annex I. In addition, 5 ballot forms were completed by the members attending the meeting. Based on the election results the following officers were elected for the coming 3 years:

Election of President and Vice President:

Stefan Vidal, 13 votes

Regina Sugayama 10 votes

Election of Executive Officer:

Bernhard Zelazny 17 votes

Election of Finance Committee:

Olaf Zimmermann 11 votes
Matthias E Zweigert 10 votes
Jürg Huber 9 votes

All candidates accepted the vote and their office.

6. Discussion on online publications
An informal discussion on recent developments in the publication of research results in the field of pest management has been ongoing among the society members for some time. The initial plans to organize a workshop on this subject could not be realized. During the meeting Jürgen Gross was leading a discussion on the topic 'The importance and future of different forms of publishing scientific research results'. During the discussion the following subjects were covered:

The meeting decided to prepare a webpage providing information on the above topics. These would include the aspects presented and discussed during the meeting but could also contain additional information.

Jürg Huber
Bernhard Zelazny and Olaf Zimmermann

 Annex I

4th ISPI meeting - participants

Members participating in the meeting:

Jürgen Gross
BBA, Dossenheim

Olaf Hering
BBA, Berlin

Jürg Huber
BBA, Darmstadt

Bernhard Zelazny
Griesheim (retired)

Olaf Zimmermann
BBA, Darmstadt

Guests during the meeting:

Ulrich Bösing
BBA, Berlin

Falko Feldmann
BBA, Braunschweig

Members participating in the election by e-mail, but who were not attending the meeting:

Christian Borgemeister
Jan Breithaupt
Surendra K. Dara
A.E. Deutsch
Said El-Salamouny
Alois M. Huger
Regina G. Kleespies
Jürgen Langewald
Michel Lecoq
Christian U. Pantenius
Stefan Vidal
Matthias E. Zweigert

Annex II

International Society for Pest Information

Summary Report on the Society Activities
between January 2004 and September 2006

The most important society activities since January 2004 have been:

  1. The ISPI webpage ( was updated and improved. The number of visitors to the website continued to increase:
  2. 2004 - 3044 per month
    2005 - 4490 per month
    2006 - 5125 per month

    The following webpages were visited most frequently:
    a) Literature on locust and thrips pests
    b) List of links to scientific journals
    c) Database of scientists

  3. Updated and improved editions of the ISPI 'Pest Directory' database were published as CDs in April 2004, 2005 and 2006. The number of sold CDs remained stable at approximately 100 copies per year. However, there was a clear increase in the orders of 'updates'. These are repeated orders from the same customers at a reduced price.
  4. In 2005 ISPI collaborated with CIRAD in France on making our collection of 275 locust publications available on the internet. These had been published by ISPI as a CD in 2003. The CIRAD/ISPI website for locust literature is now visited frequently.
  5. Since autumn 2005, we are collaborating with the Oregon Sate University in the distribution of the 'IPMnet NEWS' by drawing the attention of scientists in our database to this newsletter. The newsletter is distributed electronically and contains, among others, a fairly complete list of up-coming meetings and other events.
  6. Several new members joined the Society. The following new members were particularly active:

Bernhard Zelazny (Executive Officer)
Griesheim, Germany

Annex III

International Society for Pest Information

Accounts for 2004 (currency Euro)




opening balance, 1st January 2004



profit from sales of Pest Directory CDs



income from locust literature CDs (minus postage)



costs for internet page and e-mail account



postage, xerox copies, bank account, miscellaneous









balance as of 31st Dec. 2004



Accounts for 2005




opening balance, 1st January 2005



income from sale of 94 CDs



CD production and distribution



costs for internet page and e-mail account



postage, telephone, bank charges



tax consultant



software consultation for ISPI website






balance as of 31st Dec. 2005



Preliminary accounts for 2006




opening balance, 1st January 2006



income from sale of 71 CDs



CD production and distribution



costs for internet page and e-mail account



postage, telephone, bank charges



travel, meeting



software consultation for ISPI website






balance as of 31st Aug. 2006




Presented by the ISPI Finance Committee (September 2006)

Jürg Huber
Olaf Zimmermann
Matthias Zweigert