International Society for Pest Information

Report of the 9th Meeting

Goethe-University Frankfurt/M
Frankfurt/M, 5 March 2015

1 + 2. Welcome and designation of chairman and rapporteur for the meeting

The meeting was opened by Stephan Vidal who was also designated as chairman for the meeting. Olaf Zimmermann and Bernhard Zelazny served as rapporteurs. A list of the participants of the meeting is attached as Annex I.

3. Adoption of the agenda

The provisional agenda, which corresponds to the numbered sections of this report was adopted.

4. Report on ISPI activities since the last meeting, March 2013

Bernhard Zelazny presented a draft report about the main activities of the society since the last meeting in March 2013. The members present in the meeting accepted the report with small alterations. It is attached as Annex II.

5. Financial report for the years 2013 and 2014

Jürgen Gross presented the financial report for the years 2013 and 2014 on behalf of the Finance Committee. The total expenditures were 356 Euro for the year 2013 and 422 Euro for the year 2014. The financial report is attached as Annex III.

6 + 7. Discussions on the status of the Pest Information Wiki

The general directions of the Pest Information Wiki were reviewed and discussed. These are the focus on scientific literature and on literature lists for specific pests/diseases/weeds as well as for individual authors. In spite of 150 scientists having registered for making contributions to the wiki, there are still relatively few edits on the wiki. These are almost exclusively restricted to authors adding their own new publications. A number of options were discussed how more contributers could be interested in describing biological aspects of pests, diseases and weeds. In this connection, a promotional poster will be presented by Olaf Zimmermann during the International Plant Protection Congress, scheduled for 24-27 August 2015. The wiki will also be discussed with individual scientists during that meeting.

A number of concrete changes in the format of the wiki pages were discussed. For example, the possibility to export literature citations from the wiki into literature databases like Endnote or Reference Manager. A function for this has been already created. However, it still needs testing. Jürgen Gross offered to help with the testing.

8. Other matters

The next ISPI meeting was set for April 2016 at the JKI Institute in Dossenheim (Heidelberg).

Stefan Vidal (Chairman)
Olaf Zimmermann and Bernhard Zelazny (Rapporteurs)

Annex I

9th ISPI meeting - participants

Members participating in the meeting:

Jan Breithaupt
FAO-AGP Pest and Pesticide Management (AGPMC), Rome, Italy

Jürgen Gross
JKI Dossenheim, Germany

Stefan Vidal
University Göttingen, Germany

Bernhard Zelazny
Griesheim, Germany (retired)

Olaf Zimmermann
Landwirtschaftliches Technologiezentrum Augustenberg, Karlsruhe, Germany


Gerwin Kasperek
University Library Frankfurt/M, Germany

Annex II

9th ISPI meeting
Summary Report on the Society Activities since March 2013

  1. Immediately after the last ISPI meeting in Göttingen, in March 2013, a workshop on the Pest Information Wiki was held in the computer room of the Department of Crop Sciences, University of Göttingen. The workshop lasted for 2 hours and involved demonstrations and discussions. It was attended by more than 10 participants.
  2. During a meeting between S. Vidal and B. Zelazny in Mainz in August 2014, different problems and improvements of the Pest Information Wiki were discussed. Specifically 3 changes were agreed on:
    a) a better display of the taxonomic groups of pests, diseases, weeds and beneficials together with short summaries on their biology,
    b) a function to export publications as citations in the EndNote or Reference Manger format,
    c) a similar function to make it easier to import publications which exist as citations with abstracts in the EndNote or Reference Manger format.
    Regarding item a) already more than 100 pages have been created for genera, families and orders in the improved system.
    The function for item b) has been developed on the Test Wiki of the Biowikifarm but still needs to be tested by members who are using EndNote or Reference Manger.
    The function for item c) would be a form into which users can copy a publication in EndNote or Reference Manger format. The format would then translate the entry into the wiki format.
  3. During the Plant Protection Meeting in Freiburg in September 2014 a presentation was held on the Pest Information Wiki (O. Zimmermann), in addition a press release about the Pest Information Wiki was initiated through the press office of JKI (J. Gross und S. Vidal).
  4. In September 2014, the ISPI computer experienced a major software problem which affected the work on the Pest Information Wiki and required the development of a new software system based on MS Access 2013. About 3 quarters of the work on the new system was completed by March 2015.

Annex III

9th ISPI meeting
Financial Summary for 2013
(currency Euro)




Opening balance, 1st January 2013



Software consultancy



Costs for internet page and e-mail account



Postage, telephone, bank charges



Meeting in Göttingen



Other expenses






Balance as of 31st Dec. 2013



Financial Summary for 2014
(currency Euro)




Opening balance, 1st January 2014



Costs for internet page and e-mail account



Postage, telephone, bank charges



Computer repair and Windows 7 re-installation



MS Access 2013 software






Balance as of 31st Dec. 2014



Presented by the ISPI Finance Committee (January 2015):
Peter Ebling (CFS, Sault Ste Marie, Canada)
Jürgen Gross (JKI, Dossenheim)
Jürg Huber (JKI, Darmstadt)